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17 May 2010

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Antareja On World Geothermal Congress in Bali.
06 May 2010

Indonesia signs deals worth US$5 billion at the World Geothermal Congress in Bali

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10 March 2010




27 April 2010






There's always a way for us to save our earth. PT. Antareja Resources, one of thousands offices sited in Jakarta, has very big responsibility to contribute the global warming in our beloved city. Most of emission comes from vehicles which emits CO and CO2 -some still using Pb-.

Jakarta is like other giant cities who are struggling to control their air qualities.According to the the Jakarta Environmental Management Board (BPLHD), the amount of dust along the route on car-free days decreased between 30.17 percent and 52.12 percent from regular air quality readings.The amount of carbon monoxide also decreased by between 47.42 percent and 73.13 percent, while nitrogen monoxide rates dropped between 22.62 percent and 78.95 percent.


Wise man said that big step is coming from small steps. Alyon Rivai, living in South Jakarta, who has enthusiastically joined bicycle community said "This is the way to maintain my body. If you think normally, you won't cycle for almost 40 km a day. Nothing's impossible. It's me who is 51 years of age." Moreover, Herdedi, lived around Alyon said "Unbelievable, I cycled from my home. Before, I believed that you would die once you finish at the office. It was totally wrong. It was very exciting and I commit to join our mission lower the emission. I am proud of being in this community."

Farhan Muhammad, cycling 2 days a week, said "I am happy with our culture which attracts people to do something better. We started from our small office and ask our neighborhood to change. This is not killing you. It makes your office time become more cheerful, energized, and healthier. At the moment, we are still three. In very short time, I believe we become bigger" 


Started year 2010, the Building Management provided bicycle's parking area. It is free. It was also regulated by Province Government that every build has to provide for bicycle.Nevertheles, during working, PT. Antareja Resources also encourages people to use energy as efficient as possible. It cares about lighting and air conditioning usages. There are still some potential efficiencies for making our Jakarta more green, enjoyable, and we are working on to implement its as soon as possible.



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