Press Release
Antareja On World Geothermal Congress in Bali.
06 May 2010

Indonesia signs deals worth US$5 billion at the World Geothermal Congress in Bali

27 April 2010

From our small office to our big city. PT. Antareja Resources motivates employees for using bicycles instead of cars or motorbikes.

Congratulations and success
10 March 2010



SAFETY Weekly Campaign

17 May 2010

The things that support to the body fit and healthy mind:

1. Rest of quality.
Rest in touch with a place to stay, activities and environments. Night's sleep is one of the most important thing to support health of mind and body. Make sure always feel comfortable to sleep tonight with the cool atmosphere of the room, quiet (not noisy), and clean. Sleep well without thought for 7-8 hours.
Jogging Swimming
2. Places to stay comfortable, quiet, and clean.
The effect of this will greatly affect the performance of the brain and psychological factors. How does it feel if every day activities with the state over the noisy atmosphere of the house, noisy, dirty and uncomfortable? well choose a quiet environment, comfortable and clean before determining an appropriate residence. How brain and mind can relax with a home atmosphere as the market?

3. Eat healthy foods.
Will largely determine the pattern of eating a healthy body and a major effect on endurance. Moreover the food you eat will greatly affect the "physical form" of every human being. If you want to look fresh, eat fresh foods such as fresh-vegetable soup, sukiyaki, spinach, poached chicken, tofu broiled, fresh fruit, etc.. Try making process does not contain food consumed high saturated fat, cholesterol, and harmful substances such as dyes and preservatives. food processing with steamed, boiled or roasted will be better than those in cooking

4. Exercise regularly.
This first thing you do sepelekan. Forgot / supine exercise a week can make the muscles become loose and your body will feel sluggish and the mind becomes mumet. Always make a good schedule for exercising, for example: three times a week or every day is also okay. Good exercise can increase endurance, blood circulation and strengthen the muscles loose. Vitality will remain awake throughout the day.

5. Management of mind / thought patterns.
Life is indeed complex, each person must have been struggling with the problem. The mind should be back to nature, think about what he meant to do for yourself. For example: diet, sleep patterns, patterns akrifitas, recreation, etc.. Do not mix adukkan thoughts with others. Just face what is being experienced today, anyway not going to live like that forever. Most important: create a plan for the future, do not urusin others. And the longer that it should be remembered, always bonding with God and "communicate" with him as often as possible.


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