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SAFETY Weekly Campaign
17 May 2010

Healthy and Fit Body Tips

Antareja On World Geothermal Congress in Bali.
06 May 2010

Indonesia signs deals worth US$5 billion at the World Geothermal Congress in Bali

27 April 2010

From our small office to our big city. PT. Antareja Resources motivates employees for using bicycles instead of cars or motorbikes.


Supernatural Antareja

16 February 2010



Antareja have Hyang Ajian Anantaboga Upasanta gift. His tongue was magic, any creature who licked her feet would meet death.

Anatareja skinned napakawaca, so immune to the weapon. He also a Mustikabumi ring, giving her mother, who has supernatural

power,away from death as long as it touched the earth or soil, and can used to revive dead outside destiny. Other supernatural

Anantareja can live and walk in the earth. (SG)



http://id.wikipedia .org / wiki / Antareja

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