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Executive Summary

Antareja Group (AG) is an integrated Indonesian energy services company, providing its customers with integrated energy solutions. AG is a privately owned company that act as a holding company for a group of companies with line of businesses in oil and gas industry services.

Through its subsidiaries, our group is looking forward to have the opportunities to expand our current operations specially into the world market AG team is committed to work with all existing and potential customers to create the highest level of added value for the Oil and Gas Well Services and maintain long-term successful business relationships without partners and clients.

This brief presentation shall depict our company’s general information regarding all of our businesses and any future businesses in other countries that within our capacity have the ability to engage and deliver accordingly.


1. PT DEKA PETRINDO (DPC) - Workover Rig



The group acquired 100% shares of DPC on June 2007. When we acquire DPC has 4 units workover rig 350HP and an existing contract by Chevron with a total value of US$ 26,3 mio.

In 2007, we purchased another 2 new units workover rig 450HP & commencing our refurbishment process on the existing 4 units rig

In 2008, DPC received a workover contract by MEPI for 1 unit rig 450HP in Rimau & Block a with a total contract value of US$ 1.99 mio


2. PT ANTAREJA RESOURCES (AR) - Drilling Service


ANTAREJA RESOURCES owns and operates 3 (Three) units 3-Joint Electric Rig with Hight Temperature Hight Pressure criteria pruposely for Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling Services.

1. Rig#8 - 2000 HP JJ450/45-5

2. Rig#9 - 2000 HP JJ450/45-5

3. Rig#10 - 1500 HP JJ450/45-K

ANTAREJA RESOURCES with Rig#8 is currently being engage in developing Medco E&P's Singa Gas Field at Lematang Block PSC in South Sumatra which has highly sensitive HTHP criteria. With its newest and most modern state-of-the-art Drilling Rig with a total capacity of 2000HP, exploting the particular drilling project is privilege task.

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