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ANTAREJA GROUP has its objectives to participate in supporting the national development is a national company whose main services are in drilling, workover and well service.
The expansion of business in the drilling services in Indonesia required competitive national companies to carry out their drilling, workover and well service works.
Safety concepts and procedures were incorporated into ANTAREJA GROUP activities from the beginning. However, the current Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program is formulated to strengthen the organizations capability to cope safety with the expanded kind of business and complexity of the operations.
ANTAREJA GROUP through commitment to its Policy, has the following HSE objectives:
To prevent injuries at work.
To prevent ill health at work.
To provide a safe and healthy working environment and promote good working practice.
To provide soundly designed facility and equipment and to maintain such in safe condition.
To comply with all Indonesian Government, Pertamina and Industrial statutory requirements.
To collaborate with government, learned societies, the industry, and any other involved party so as to promote good practice.
To ensure proper disposal of waste, prevention and control of accidental spills.
To store, transport and dispose of waste in responsible manner with due regard to the environment.
To control the use of hazardous substances.
To promote and develop a high level of safety awareness.
To provide necessary training to allow employees to work safely.
To develop and maintain a system to monitor and evaluate health and safety matters.
To provide a system to allow for efficient response to foreseeable emergencies.
The Management of HSE responsibility within ANTAREJA GROUP is a Line Responsibility with each individual Line Manager responsible to his superior for HSE matters within his control.
The responsibilities and authorities of each category of personnel are described in their Job Descriptions that also cover individual HSE requirements.
HSE performance target, both statistical and task specific are set the beginning of each year by Management in order to continually improve performance.
The HSE Department produce monthly HSE performance statistics which include number of injuries, illness, incidents and property damage with detail of department/ position involved showing the category of body parts injured.
Periodically, at least every 3 months the Management meeting is to review the actual performance against the target for the year. Any deviation from targets is analysed and acted upon.
The ANTAREJA GROUP HSE Management System reflects the management functions: planning to identify the components and prioritise them, organising to categorise critical areas and issues requiring pro-active or remedial action, leading to focus is dependent on guidance and direction, and controlling the goal achievement is measured by meeting a pre-determined standard of operation. This is to ensure that all the activities within ANTAREJA GROUP and all the hazards associated with these activities have been systematically identified, organised and controlled in a proactive manner.
In order to maintain level of system the updating and revising procedures shall be made which will provide a structure for continual improvement, in that, the HSE System will be a living document that will constantly change to reflect the status of the business and the goals and objectives of the ANTAREJA GROUP HSE Policy.
ANTAREJA GROUP Director shall review the HSE Management System to ensure continued effectiveness.  Those reviews shall be performed at least once per year.  In this task they shall be assisted by the Operations Director and HSE HSE Manager and shall utilise internal Audit Reports, Accident/Incident Reports and all other information that may be deemed necessary.  These reviews shall be noted with any actions necessary being identified to specific personnel.  The HSE objectives for the forthcoming year shall be established and published in the HSE Program. The minutes of the review shall be filed for future reference/action and to monitor actions required.
In addition to the formal Management Reviews being carried out, HSE shall be discussed at regular Operations meetings where all aspects of ANTAREJA GROUP operations are reviewed.  Minutes shall be prepared, filed and distributed to Managers and Supervisors.
In the development of the HSE Management System ANTAREJA GROUP use the reference of OHSAS 18001 specification to enable the ANTAREJA GROUP Management to control its HSE risk and improve its performance. Policy/Objectives
Policies have been established to account for legal and humanitarian requirements to manage HSE activities.
To demonstrate its commitment to this Policy, ANTAREJA GROUP has set specific standards and objectives it wishes to achieve in order to comply with its Policy Statement.
To achieve the standards and objectives it is important that certain activities and responsibilities are assigned to individuals. These individuals are then held accountable for their performance with regard to the set standards.
OHSAS 18001 Elements/Cycle
The following system elements is drawn in the OHSAS 18001
 ANTAREJA GROUP has selected twenty "Elements" to manage the successful attainment of its stated Policy objectives. The chosen elements are contained in section 4.0 of this document.
Section 4.0 describes the requirements for key activities within each element, which are applicable for the business.
Inter relation between ANTAREJA GROUP Health, Safety and Environment Managemen System and OHSAS 18001 System Elements.
1. Leadership and Administration (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.2, 4.4.1, 4.3.2, 4.3.3, 4.3.4)
2. Inspection  and Audit (OHSAS 18001, Clause  4.5.4, 4.6)
3. Training and Competency (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.2)
4. Hearing and Placement (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.2)
5. Communication (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.3)
6. Management of Change (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.5.1)
7. Document Control (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.4, 4.4.5, 4.5.3)
8. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6, 4.5.1)
9. HSE Program Evaluation (OHSAS 18001, Clause  4.5.4, 4.6)
10. Job Rule and Procedure (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6)
11. Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6, 4.5.1)
12. Environmental Protection (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6, 4.5.1)
13. Purchasing Control (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6)
14. Personal Protective Equipment (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.3.1, 4.4.6)
15. Emergency Response Preparedness (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.7)
16. Accident / Incident Reporting and Investigation (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.5.2)
17. Accident / Incident Analysis (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.3)
18. Proactive HSE Promotion (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.5.6, 4.6)
19. Sub-Contractor HSE Control (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.6)
20. HSE Meeting  (OHSAS 18001, Clause 4.4.3) General Procedures In addition to the above general performance standards, Policy and guidelines have been established to address all 20 elements. JKT\HSE\2010



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