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Antareja Group was established in 2007 and has its operations throughout the region. Antareja Group is an integrated oil and gas servicing company that domiciled in Indonesia. Throughout this short time of period Antareja Group has managed to grow robustly. Although Antareja Group is relatively a new company, we believe that the cumulative experience of our core expertise personnel enables us to perform as professional, credible and excellent as the other much longer established company.
Presently, Antareja Group through its subsidiaries has managed to diversify its services to fully cover the needs of the upstream industry within the oil and gas sector.
Although often viewed as a newcomer within the industry, however, by experience of its management and its workforce, Antareja Group has managed to gain nation wide reputation in delivering service excellence towards its customers. Currently, major oil companies such as Medco, Chevron and Pertamina (Indonesia NOC) and other well-established energy companies has awarded us with contracts with significant weights, thus these milestones shall serves as a justification that qualifies  Antareja Resources as an established servicing company.


Antareja Group was founded in 2007 with its main objective to provide an integrated onshore drilling and work-over well services. Since being established,  Antareja Group through time has manage to carve its name in becoming one of the leading players in onshore oil-well drilling and work-over services in Indonesia. By 2009, the company's fleet had grown to 9 onshore rigs operating and having its operations throughout Indonesia.


Antareja Group is currently being engaged in developing Singa Gas Field at Lematang PSC Block in South Sumatra, owned by Medco E&P Lematang.  Antareja Group dedicates its newest and most modern state-of-the-art 2000 HP drilling rig to exploit the area. Furthermore, another 2 (two) units of our medium rigs  are also serving Medco in other areas in the region, thus, after such program is completed, Antareja Group through drilling expertise will keep on serving other company with the highest standard services in performing any future drilling program offered to us.
Another significant milestone was achieved when Chevron, one of the biggest oil producers in Indonesia, awarded a three-year contract to Antareja Group to provide five rigs for work-over services.








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