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AR#7 QUARTER 1: December 2009 - March 2010


AR#7 is brand new Service King 450 HP rig year 2008. The contract, awarded by Medco E&P Indonesia Rimau Asset, South Sumatera, is on duration December 2009 until November 2010, which potentially to be rewarded for time to come. The character of wells are mainly shallow wells, 3000 ft in average. It had completed project in Pangkalalan Susu, North Sumatera.

Type SK 475 DD Travel. Block 250.000 lbs
Mud Pump 300-bbls BOP Stacks 7-1/16" and 11"
Power Swvl Bowen S-35 Choke Manifolds 3-1/8" - 3.000 psi



During the field, we put our strong dedication through HSE department to produce the best support as always for daily activity in Rig site and Facility Area. By intensive trainings (Safety induction, H2S trainings, fire drills, potential disease knowledge, etc ) and Safety Awareness (Daily safety talk, Safety Signage, etc) we believe safety mindset is absorbed to each and every personnel. Management commitment is always materialized with rewards to employee who actively join the mission of safety. Last month proudly we achieved 100 Days Without Lost Time Accident (DWLTA) and from this stage we know that if we put safety above all, the good things always coming to follow. In the future we are confident to go for no LTA until the end of project. 



At first, the project found some limited progress operationally although we have oraganized and maximized the equipment used. Of course, it could not be pushed so much since safety is number one beyond everything. The character of sites and weather were the main reasons. Still happened until March, hopefully these coming months, it will be more delightful for us and our customer absolutely.


Starting March 2010, the project shows progress eventually weather is getting dryer. It predicts the Move In Rig Up (MIRU) process will be faster. Hopefully the operation hours will be higher so it is more productive in term of business. Some potential improvements will be proceeded shortly as our commitment to deliver the best of ours to achieve the optimum standard.


Taking seriously the preventive maintenance is our motivation to maintain our customer satisfaction. The reliability of equipments must be guarantee. AR#7 proved it with no repair-break down time. With our experience employees having good records, PT. Antareja Resources keeps the project up to bring best performance and satisfy the customer.










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