Our Activities

Our operation has always been conducted in an intence - free working environment. Safety and heath are our prior ultimate responsibillity.









During the field, we put our strong dedication through HSE department to produce the best support as always for daily activity in Rig site and Facility Area. By intensive trainings (Safety induction, H2S trainings, fire drills, potential disease knowledge, etc ) and Safety Awareness (Daily safety talk, Safety Signage, etc) we believe safety mindset is absorbed to each and every personnel. Management commitment is always materialized with rewards to employee who actively join the mission of safety. Last month proudly we achieved 100 Days Without Lost Time Accident (DWLTA) and from this stage we know that if we put safety above all, the good things always coming to follow. In the future we are confident to go for no LTA until the end of project. 




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